(about 50 km from Gallipoli and about 15 km from Castro)


Otranto is the most easterly city in Italy. It has the largest church in Puglia, a beautiful castle and a historic centre a few metres from the sea. There is a beautiful public beach in the centre of the town. A 5-minute drive from Otranto is the place Alimini where you will find idyllic beaches.

Centro storico

(the historical centre)

The historical centre of Otranto is a labyrinth of narrow streets. The white houses leaning against each other and the stone streets have both an exotic and a personal touch. You will find many craft shops and restaurants. The port is located along the low coast. Once the nerve centre of trade with the East, today it is home only to small boats and fishing boats. Also visit the Aragonese cathedral and castle.

Bauxite lake

It is not a bauxite lake, but a naturally formed water deposit in a bauxite quarry. Bauxite is a dark red sedimentary rock from which aluminium is extracted. It is a mineral present in Puglia and in the past was extracted for commercial purposes. The mine was abandoned and nature decided to create a colourful spectacle.



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